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With this completely new FLENDER SIG standard gear unit series, Siemens provides optimal universal solutions for the drive tasks of tomorrow.

Whether materials handling, the building materials industry, the steel industry, metallurgical engineering, or process technology – the classical industrial branches and the works for the production of raw materials require even more standardization, flexibility, and performance of their applications.

The new gear units of the FLENDER SIG series are extremely compact and provide even higher torques for the same size. In addition, the torque grading was harmonized with the result that the customer will always find the right gear unit.

The new mounting options and the unique options of add-on pieces and coolers offer the customer considerably more flexibility when planning and designing his plant. Highest quality and interdisciplinary knowledge of the drive train as well as improved rolling bearing life and, if requested, dustproof TACONITE seals ensure continuous reliable operation and low life cycle costs.

The new industrial gear unit series setting high standards will successively replace the standard FLENDER gear unit series which was tried and tested a hundred thousand times.

Today, just one year after launching them onto the market, Siemens is offering all seven types of FLENDER SIG for horizontal mounting. The Siemens modular gear unit kit enables a huge range of possible variants to be constructed – which means that FLENDER SIG is available to you in many sizes for base or shaft mounting right now.

  • Even higher torques for the same size
  • Even higher flexibility owing to additional mounting position
  • Even higher availability of the plant owing to improved rolling bearing life
  • Even closer to the torque desired by the customer owing to harmonized torque grading
  • Great diversity owing to 5 types with solid shaft or different hollow shaft variants
  • Optionally available with dustproof TACONITE seals
  • If required, internal cooling or standardized fan
  • High availability worldwide
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Higher operational reliability with increased power capacity

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With the FLENDER SIP® planetary gear unit, Siemens offers an attractive price-performance ratio for the low up to average torque range in the well-proven FLENDER quality.


With this completely new FLENDER SIG standard gear unit series, Siemens provides optimal universal solutions for the drive tasks of tomorrow.

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FLENDER gear units

Modern drive solutions have to withstand the most varied influences, achieve maximum efficiency, and be absolutely reliable. When these requirements are met, high plant availability and low product life cycle costs can be ensured

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