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UPS 2416 A Universal Power Supply

The UPS Power Supply Unit is a plug-and-play power supply for the entire power supply to the control panel. UPS

Panel Controller

Interconnection of up to 32 Panel Controllers,
Remote Keypads and OPC server

FNS-320 Beacons Conventional

Compact, robust and maintenance-free
Reliable, bright light, and long-lived with Xenon flash

FNM-320 Sounders Conventional

Volume up to 112 dB(A)
Compact, robust and maintenance-free

FMC‑210‑DM Double Action Call Points

Adjustment of the Manual Call Point after alarm triggering

FCP‑320/FCH‑320 Conventional Automatic Fire Detectors

High reliability of detection thanks to evaluation electronics
Active adjustment of the thresho

D297 12 V Projected Beam Smoke Detector

Operates over distances between 30 ft (9 m) and
350 ft (107 m)

BCM‑0000‑B Battery Controller Module

The BCM-0000-B Battery Controller Module monitors the power supply of the entire control panel. It controls the charging of up to four batteries (12 V/24 Ah to 12 V/26 Ah or 12 V/36 Ah to 12 V/45 Ah). The charging is actuated by temperature and time.

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