Giảm giá lên tới 10% các sản phẩm Siemens tháng 2/2019

STT Mã sản phẩm Thông số kỹ thuật
1 6AV6640-0CA11-0AX1 *** Spare part *** SIMATIC Touch Panel TP 177micro for SIMATIC S7-200 5.7″ blue mode STN display configurable from WinCC flexible 2004 Micro HSP Contains open source software which is provided free of charge. See enclosed CD
2 6ES7195-1GA00-0XA0 SIMATIC DP, mounting rail for ET 200M, 482.6 mm long, for holding up to 5 bus modules for removal and insertion function
3 6ES7216-2BD23-0XB8 SIMATIC S7-200 CN, CPU 226 Compact unit, AC power supply 24 DI DC/16 DO relay 16/24 KB progr./10 KB data, 2 PPI/user-programmable interface this S7-200 CN product only has CE approval
4 6ES7222-1HF22-0XA0 ***Spare part*** SIMATIC S7-200, Digital output EM 222, only for S7-22X CPU, 8 DA (relay outputs), 2A
5 6ES7231-4HA30-0XB0 SIMATIC S7-1200, Analog input, SB 1231, 1 AI, +/-10 V DC (12 bit resol.) or 0-20 mA
6 6ES7232-0HB22-0XA0 ***Spare part*** SIMATIC S7-200, Analog output EM 232, only for S7-22X CPU, 2 AO, +/-10 V DC, 12 bit converter
7 6ES7272-0AA30-0YA1 SIMATIC S7, TD 200 text display for S7-200, 2-line, with cable (2.5m) and installation accessories, Configuration: with STEP 7-Micro/WIN without ATEX approval
8 6ES7390-0AA00-0AA0 SIMATIC S7, Bus connector (replacement part)
9 6ES7971-1AA00-0AA0 SIMATIC S7, Backup battery (LI) 3.6 V/min. 0.85 Ah, for for S7-300 CPUs and S5-90U
STT Mã sản phẩm Thông số kỹ thuật
1 3RT1064-6AP36 Power contactor, AC-3 225 A, 110 kW / 400 V AC (50-60 Hz) / DC operation 220-240 V UC Auxiliary contacts 2 NO + 2 NC 3-pole, Size S10 Busbar connections Drive: conventional screw terminal
2 3RT2916-1CD00 Surge suppressor, RC element, 127 … 240 V AC 150 … 250 V DC for contactor relays and motor contactors Size S00
3 3TK2827-1AL21 SIRIUS safety relay with relay enabling circuits (EC) 230 V AC, 45 mm overall width Screw terminal EC instantaneous: 2 NO EC delayed: 2NO, 0.05…3 s SC: 1NC monitored start Basic device Maximum achieved SIL: 3/2, PL: e/d

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