Biến tần Sinamics S

Biến tần Sinamics S

Biến tần Sinamics S


SINAMICS S150 Overview SINAMICS S150 Converter Cabinet Units are particularly suitable for all variable-speed single-axis drives with high performance requirements, i.e., drives with: high dynamic requirements frequent braking cycles and high braking energy levels four-quadrant operation SINAMICS S150 offers high-performance speed control with excellent accuracy and a high dynamic response. The following voltages and power ratings are available: Line voltage Type rating 380 … 480 V 3 AC 110 … 800 kW 500 … 690 V 3 AC 75 … 1200 kW Degrees of protection are IP20 (standard), and as an option IP21, IP23, IP43 and IP54. Line and motor-side components as well as additional monitoring devices can be installed in the converter cabinet units. A wide range of electrical and mechanical components enable the drive system to be optimized individually to suit customer requirements.

SINAMICS S120M distributed servo drive

SINAMICS S120M is the distributed version of the modular SINAMICS S120 drive system. This drive is a compact and turnkey drive unit

SINAMICS S120 built-in devices

SINAMICS S120 built-in devices Overview Flexibility for successful machine concepts As part of the SINAMICS drive family, the SINAMICS S120 drive is a modular system for high-performance applications in machine and plant engineering. SINAMICS S120 offers high-performance single-axis and multi-axis drives for a very broad range of industrial applications. By virtue of its scalability and flexibility, SINAMICS S120 is the ideal system for satisfying the ever increasing demand for more axes and better performance. SINAMICS S120 supports flexible machine designs and speedy implementation of customized drive solutions. The response to ever increasing demands Modern machines must be built at ever lower cost, but deliver ever greater productivity. The SINAMICS S120 drive concept meets both these challenges! It is easy to configure and thus helps to reduce project completion times. Its excellent dynamic response and accuracy permit higher cycle rates for maximum productivity. Applications in machine and plant engineering Regardless of whether the application involves continuous material webs or cyclic, highly dynamic processes – SINAMICS S120 means increased machine performance in many industries:   Packaging machines Plastics processing machines Textile machines Printing machines Paper machines Hoists and cranes Handling and assembly systems Machine tools Rolling mills Test stands Renewable energy   Modularity for mechanical engineering SINAMICS S120 is designed to allow free combination of power and control performance. Multi-axis drives with higher-level motion control can be implemented with the SINAMICS S120 modular system as easily as single-drive solutions. Greater flexibility with central control intelligence On the SINAMICS S120, the drive intelligence is combined with closed-loop control functions into Control Units. These units are capable of controlling drives in Vector, Servo and V/f modes. They also perform the speed and torque control functions plus other intelligent drive functions for all axes on the drive. Free performance selection for Vector and Servo control modes The use of a SINAMICS S120 Vector control is recommended for drive solutions with continuous material webs, for example, wire-drawing machines, film and paper machines, as well as for hoisting gear, centrifuges and marine drives with harmonic, circular motion. Servo control with SINAMICS S120 is employed for cyclic processes with precise, highly dynamic position control and servo motors, e.g. in textile, packaging, printing machines and machine tools. SINAMICS S120 – functions for better efficiency   Basic functions: Speed control, torque control, positioning functions Intelligent starting functions for independent restart after power supply interruption BICO technology with interconnection of drive-related I/Os for easy adaptation of the drive system to its operating environment Integrated safety functions for rational implementation of safety concepts Regulated infeed/regenerative feedback functions for preventing undesirable reactions on the supply, allowing recovery of braking energy and ensuring greater stability against line fluctuations.   DRIVE-CLiQ – the digital interface between all components All SINAMICS S120 components, including the motors and encoders, are interconnected by a shared serial interface called DRIVE‑CLiQ. The standardized cables and connectors reduce the variety of different parts and cut storage costs. Converter boards (Sensor Modules) for converting standard encoder signals to DRIVE‑CLiQ are available for third-party motors or retrofit applications. Swift and automatic: The electronic rating plate An important digital linkage element of the SINAMICS S120 drive system are the electronic type plates integrated in every component. They allow all drive components to be detected automatically via a DRIVE-CLiQ link. As a result, data do not need to be entered manually during commissioning or component replacement – helping to ensure that drives are commissioned successfully! The electronic rating plates of the motors contain, for example, the parameters of the electrical equivalent circuit diagram and the characteristic data of the built-in motor encoder in addition to information such as order and identification numbers. Modular design ensures flexibility and scalability DC/AC units (= Motor Modules) – available in compact booksize, booksize and chassis formats – are characterized by their modular design. All the drive intelligence is organized into Control Units. The Control Units perform all the closed-loop control functions for the drive line-up. They also handle all other drive functions such as the interconnection of drive-related I/Os, positioning functions, and feature PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET as the central interface for linking to higher-level automation systems. Line Modules function as the central energy supply to the voltage-source DC link. Line Modules are optionally available with regulated infeed/regenerative feedback to provide a constant DC link voltage and high level of supply compatibility. Motor Modules supply the motors with energy from the DC link. On AC/AC units, the infeed and motor power supply functions are combined in one device, the Power Module – available in blocksize and chassis formats. For single-axis applications, drive control functions are performed by a special Control Unit (CU310-2) mounted on the Power Module and for multi-axis applications, by a Control Unit (e.g. CU320-2) connected by a DRIVE-CLiQ link. In this case, a Control Unit Adapter is mounted on the Power Module in place of the Control Unit.

SINAMICS S110 servo drives

SINAMICS S110 servo drives SINAMICS S110 – the basic positioning drive for single-axis applications SINAMICS S110 can be used in numerous applications. Typical examples are:   Handling equipment Feed and withdrawal devices Stacking units Automatic assembly machines Laboratory automation Metalworking Woodworking, glass and ceramic industries Printing machines Plastics processing machines   The SINAMICS S110 servo drive is designed for connection to both synchronous servomotors and asynchronous (induction) motors. It supports all the most popular types of encoder. A variety of fieldbus interfaces is provided for linking the unit to a higher-level control system. Alternatively, it can be controlled via ±10 V and a pulse direction interface. The so-called basic positioner (EPos) is an integral component of SINAMICS S110. It provides a simple method of solving positioning tasks. Flexible in application SINAMICS S110 is a flexible, versatile system. Synchronous servomotors and asynchronous (induction) motors with outputs up to 90 kW (125 hp) can be used to implement rotary or linear axes. DRIVE-CLiQ motors can be connected simply by means of the integrated DRIVE-CLiQ interface. This means that the electronic rating plate of the motor is easy to read out, reducing the engineering time and cost involved in commissioning the drive. Furthermore, the SINAMICS S110 features an integrated encoder interface for optional use. It is capable of evaluating HTL/TTL and SSI encoders. In addition to pure point-to-point positioning, SINAMICS S110 naturally also offers on-the-fly changeover from continuous operation to positioning mode in order, for example, to precisely position objects transported randomly on a conveyor belt. Even simple traversing profiles with different motion cycles and wait times can be executed automatically by SINAMICS S110. The CU305 Control Unit of the SINAMICS S110 is equipped with an integrated communication interface for linking the inverter to an automation system. A PROFINET, PROFIBUS or CANopen interface can be ordered. Standardized protocols for linking to a higher-level control are supported – the PROFIdrive profile for positioning mode and the PROFIsafe profile for safety-related communication. The inverter is thus perfectly coordinated with the SIMATIC S7 automation system. The devices are linked by means of PROFIBUS and the SIMATIC S7 uses standard function blocks to communicate with the drive. In addition, the STARTER commissioning tool can be seamlessly integrated into STEP 7, the SIMATIC’s programming software. BICO technology Every drive contains a number of input and output variables which can be freely and independently interconnected using Binector Connector Technology (BICO). A binector is a logic signal which can assume the value 0 or 1. A connector is a numerical value, e.g. the actual speed or current setpoint. Free function blocks The drive can be adapted easily and precisely to a wide range of customized requirements using the “free function blocks” integrated in the CU305 Control Unit. The available range of blocks includes simple logic blocks such as AND/OR elements, as well as more complex devices such as smoothing elements or limit-value monitors. All blocks can be flexibly interconnected using BICO (Binector-Connector) technology, ensuring that signals are processed quickly and close to the drive which helps reduce the load on the higher-level control. Diagnostics optimally supported by trace function The time characteristics of input and output variables associated with drives can be measured by the integrated trace function and displayed using the STARTER commissioning tool. The trace can record up to 4 signals simultaneously. Recording can be triggered as a function of freely selectable boundary conditions, e.g. the value of an input or output variable. Safety Integrated The integrated safety functions of SINAMICS S110 provide highly effective application-oriented protection for personnel and machinery (terms as defined in IEC 61800-5-2). The following Safety Integrated Basic Functions are included as standard:   Safe Torque Off (STO) Safe Brake Control (SBC) Safe Stop 1 (SS1)   The following Safety Integrated Extended Functions are optionally available:   Safe Stop 2 (SS2) Safe Operating Stop (SOS) Safely Limited Speed (SLS) Safe Speed Monitor (SSM) Safe Direction (SDI)   The Safety Integrated functions are fully integrated into the drive system. They can be activated via fail-safe digital inputs on the CU305 Control Unit or via PROFINET or PROFIBUS with PROFIsafe. The Safety Integrated functions are implemented electronically and therefore offer short response times in comparison to solutions with externally implemented monitoring functions. Additional information is provided in chapter Highlights, section Safety Integrated. Accessories Memory cards The memory card can be used as an option for SINAMICS S110. The relevant slot is located underneath the CU305 Control Unit. The complete functionality of SINAMICS S110 can be saved on the memory card: the parameter settings and the firmware. When service is required, e.g. after the inverter has been replaced and the data has been downloaded from the memory card, the drive system is immediately ready for use once more. A SINAMICS Micro Memory Card (MMC) is essential, if the optional Safety Integrated Extended Functions are used. The necessary license is saved on the MMC. Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) The IOP supports both entry-level personnel and drive experts. Thanks to the large plain text display, menu-based operation and application wizards, it is easy to commission, diagnose and locally control standard drives. The IOP can be connected to the RS232 interface of the CU305 Control Unit using the appropriate connecting cable. Mounting the IOP directly on the CU305 Control Unit is not possible. Varnished modules The following units are equipped as standard with varnished or partially varnished modules:   Blocksize format units Control Units Sensor Modules   The varnish coating protects the sensitive SMD components against corrosive gases, chemically active dust and moisture.

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