Động cơ cao áp

Động cơ cao áp

SIMOTICS HV Series Metall

SIMOTICS HV Series Metals are rolling mill motors and are used worldwide in the metals industry in rolling mills. Tailored to address particular customer requirements, they are used as main drives in almost all rolling applications and all rolling mill types – in five different types of construction.

SIMOTICS HV Series HS-modyn

More than reliable – high-speed high-voltage motors up to 15000 rpm.
The SIMOTICS HV Series HS-modyn sets standards when it comes to the availability of compressor drives: it has the highest degree of reliability and minimum maintenance costs.

SIMOTICS HV Series H-modyn

Individual drive solutions for application and industry sector-specific customer requirements

SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact PLUS

Highest power rating, reliability, efficiency and modular cooling system: This distinguishes the three-phase high-voltage motors of the SIMOTICS HV Series H‑compact PLUS.

SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact

The increasing significance of energy-saving, environmental legislation, the desire for even smaller dimensions and the demands of domestic and international markets have led to the further development of the SIMOTICS HV Series H‑compact that has proven itself over the years.

SIMOTICS HV Series A-modyn

The SIMOTICS HV Series A-modyn of electrical machinery is especially suitable for applications in the areas of power generation, water / wastewater and in the steel industry.

SIMOTICS HV Series A-compact PLUS

It is essential that drive solutions for pumps, fans and compressors are absolutely reliable and cost-efficient. They must also set themselves apart as a result of their first-class quality. This is because the highest degree of availability has topmost priority for these applications


Drive power ratings in compressor stations for gas pipelines, gas storage facilities, gas liquefaction plants (LNG) and rolling mills are increasing, and at the same time, the demands relating to plant/system availability and reliability still remain at high levels.

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